” You will never get a second chance to make a first impression”

~Will Rogers
A first impression will form a mental image linked to a certain feeling. One of our main missions when building your website is making sure that this feeling is a feeling of trust, joy and success.

A strong foundation..

01. Research

We all know the importance of a good foundation when it comes to building.. well anything really. To create a good base when building your online presence we will need to know exactly what will and can be expected. We will look for answers along with you, making sure we find the best suiting answers. Based on these answers we will be able to setup our schedule.

 Any product that needs a manual to work is broken.

02. Design

When talking talking about design we often hear “Design is what it will look like.” But throughout the project, we notice the realization that design will not only affect how things look like. It will start to determine how things work. That is why we won’t hesitate to put time in the pursuit of looking for a suitable design.

Work hard, play hard!

03. Development

Throughout the development of your online presence we like to make sure you are easily able to stay on top of all latest changes. To achieve this we will provide you with a unique url enabling you to closely monitor the things we are working on.

The numbers tell the tale ..

04. Analytics

As soon as your website goes live, you’ll want to know what works and what doesn’t. By implementing Google Analytics we will make sure you are able to follow up your users and there browsing experience throughout all your pages.


05. Launch

As soon as we get your ‘GO!’ signal, the website will go live!

Tip! We truly encourage opening a bottle of champaign at the launch of your online presence!

Stay on top of your game!

06. Succession

As we all know the web is constantly changing. So a good follow-up after launch is important, we will do anything in our reach to help you out with occurring questions or issues.